Everything you need to know to make your virtual event a success

How to reimagine virtual events so your audience doesn’t switch off

It’s that time of year when you would normally share annual business update to all your colleagues, but a face-to-face event isn’t possible… What do you do?

You recognise that you have to go virtual, but since video conferencing boomed during 2020, you’re going to need something more engaging than a grid of talking heads to really make an impact.

We helped our friends at a global retail gaming company think creatively about delivering a risk-free interactive online event direct to thousands of colleagues. Here’s how we tackled the challenge of connecting with people virtually while making sure the corporate messages hit home.

Comfortable co-hosts and tailored content

Speakers at a virtual event
Pre-record your speakers for a seamless experience

We recognised that it wouldn’t be realistic to get thousands of people in a virtual conference at the same time without risking issues with connectivity and bandwidth.

The solution? Pre-record the speakers and create a space online for colleagues to watch the ‘event’ at a time which suits them.

This approach gave us the flexibility to tailor the content with the company’s visual branding and took the pressure off the speakers, which resulted it more relaxed and personable presentations.

We hired a TV studio for a few days (complete with a huge curved screen), minimised our crew size, sanitised regularly and filmed various senior team leaders delivering their updates and information.

Much more planning and thought went into this than a normal TV studio shoot. Being COVID-safe was at the heart of everything, from screens in the production gallery to face masks for the make-up artist and making great use of the large stage to ensure everyone maintained good distance.

Using autocue meant our presenters delivered their content like seasoned professionals and the pre-recorded presentations were edited onsite for a quick turnaround.

Micro-sites make it easy

How micro-sites support virtual events
Micro-sites provide a digital platform to host videos

Away from the TV studio, we built a bespoke micro-site to host the finished videos, complete with an interactive football pitch and further text-based information.

Using Vimeo Premium as a hosting platform allowed us to monitor viewership and engagement.

On average, the videos retained viewer’s attention for over 80% of the video’s total duration, with some videos performing above 90%.

In total, the videos were watched for 183 days, 10 hours, 52 minutes and 56 seconds!

Whilst we all know there’s nothing like a physical event – with the opportunities for networking, meeting colleagues and providing engaging/interactive presentations – virtual meetings like this can go a long way to matching that experience, whilst ensuring your message is delivered in an engaging and consistent way.

COVID-19 has initiated limitations to every aspect of our daily lives, but here at CWA we have risen to the challenge of taking physical events online. So, until we can meet again in large numbers, why get in touch and let’s chat about your taking your next event virtual!

Written by
Dave Clancy
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