How social media can help sales teams operating in a virtual world 

Turning a lockdown into leads with social media 

It’s no surprise that digital and social media use sky rocketed in the last few months due to the coronavirus.  

Our screens are our window to the world. Whether it’s for seeing colleges and working, or for distracting ourselves with infinite social media scrolling. I’m not saying I learnt any TikTok dances, but I’m not denying it either.  

All conversations have moved online and if you didn’t adapt then you were missing out.  


How can sales teams engage with customers in a pandemic where face to face meetings are prohibited 

This was the challenge presented to us by one of our global construction clients – how can they engage in a conversation with their customers when they’re not allowed to meet them? 

The sales teams were finding client meetings cancelled and were having trouble communicating their product range features and benefits effectively to new prospective customers.  

Operating in over 100 countries meant they needed to be visible 24/7 and with it, have a platform for engaging in conversations and a central location for sales and marketing tools including videos and brochures.  

The sales team had lost that connection and conversation with customers and needed to get it back. 

Strengthening customer conversations with a virtual sales team  

Our solution was an all-new Facebook presence. Driven by visually engaging product information and the opportunity to speak to an expert, the solution specifically targeted the specific audience the client needed. 

Our strategy was simple. Develop an online community where content was easy to digest through impactful posts using video and imagery, focusing on product benefits to the customer.  

Then using Facebook’s powerful targeting tools, boost this content to the audience and refine the targeting over time.  

Through this, we’ve created an audience which is highly responsive to content and are more engaged with the brand. With an average engagement rate of 11%, beating the industry average of 1%, it’s allowed the client to see a return on investment.  

In addition, the channel has become a strong lead generator with sales teams banking new customer enquiries directly from the hub. One recent campaign to promote one of the local market live streams delivered considerable results on a minimal budget. 

How CWA ussed social media to get closer to customers

Using social media strategically  

The original goal was to create a platform for communicating product benefits and the results have exceeded this. It’s a testament to both the value of the content and the insight behind audience analytics. 

If you feel like you’re missing out on conversations your customers are having then you probably are. Strategic social campaigns have never been as vital as they are now and can play a vital role in helping you achieve your business objectives.  

We can help. Get in touch and let’s work together to create the message and the social strategy that’s right for your brand.  

Until then, I’ve got dance moves that I’m definitely not learning. 

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