Delivering first-class marketing during a health pandemic

At CWA, we’re normally very modest… But we’re blowing our own trumpet because a long-standing global client has renewed a major contract with us.

Contract renewals are never a done deal. But we believe our approach throughout the health pandemic and our added-value attributes really sets us apart.

We’re proud that we carried on delivering first-class marketing throughout Covid-19, and this is why we’re still one of the preferred marketing suppliers for this particular client.

It’s not every day that you’re asked to roll out rapid-fire marketing activity in response to a global health pandemic, supporting European markets with vital internal and external communications.

That’s exactly what we did within an incredibly short time frame, all while moving the whole office to remote working to keep our people safe.

There’s no doubt that our efficient way of working and high standards impacted the contract renewal, but we also offer something a little extra for our clients.

Secure processes and protocols

Data security is a top priority for CWA

Yes, we know compliance isn’t particularly sexy, but our ISO 27001 accreditation gives clients the confidence that we are safely handling their data.

Data security hacks are regularly making headlines, so managing our data security and data on behalf of our clients is a priority.

This information security management system (ISMS) provides a management framework of policies and procedures that keeps information secure, whatever the format.

We are regularly audited on our systems and process and have been accredited since 2009 – this covers all aspects of our physical and electronic security, systems and processes for handling data and confidential material.

The accreditation was invaluable during the health pandemic. Our team of experts moved straight to a remote working environment while maintaining the same standard of data security which allowed us to deliver hundreds of email broadcasts to millions of people. Which is all in a day’s work for us.

Long-standing relationships

With more than 50 years of experience, investing in client relationships is ‘bread and butter’ for us. Let’s just say we are incredibly loyal to our customers and they are to us.

Because we have been working with this particular client for more than 15 years, we have built a trusted relationship where they know we can deliver.

We already know how the divisions operate, the key messages and what approach works. The client was able to brief us quickly and trusted us to deliver the same level of service that they’re used to.

Having a good relationship also made all those impromptu video calls at home much easier.

Investment in infrastructure

CWA maintaining client services working at home with video conferencingOur business continuity plans kicked in to ensure that our clients didn’t experience any changes to the level of service they expect.

CWA already invested in cloud-based software and project management tools to support remote working. Coupled with our expertise in project management and our team of digital experts, responding to the client’s needs was simple.

By proving that we can deliver, regardless of circumstances across several countries, we think that is something to shout about!

If you want to know more about building a long-term partnership with an ISO 27001 accredited supplier, contact us today.

Written by
Sophie Aldridge
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