How to avoid sales jargon and find your brand voice   

good brand tells a great story.

A brilliant brand builds loyalty through its storytelling experience.  

But how do you create an experience and cut through the noise in a crowded market?  

Firstly, it starts with thinking bigger than a logo, marketing assets, colours and fonts 

How to create a brand which builds loyalty  

well-executed brand shapes your identity, encourages customers to invest in your product and motivates pride in your people.  

Tone of voice is one of the most underrated elements of a brand which is sometimes overlooked in favour of visual branding.  

A rise in advertising platforms like Spotify and podcasts have an advanced tone of voice in the brand experience hierarchy 

Tone of voice gives your business its personality and helps build an emotional connection with people.  

It talks to people with a human voice, rather than using sales jargon. If you don’t have one, then how do you find it? 


Consistency is key to establish authenticity and trust  

Your tone of voice should be consistent and will be born from the core values of your business.  

What makes your brand unique? Have you considered how your colleagues and customers experience your brand? Do they relate to your cause?  

Is buying your product a positive experience? What about aftercare and customer service? 

Are you professional, empathetic, dynamic, witty, leaders or teachers?  

There should be consistency between the way you speak to your colleagues and customers. Tone of voice isn’t just about connecting with external audiences; it helps shape culture internally too.  


Speaking the same language as your audience  

Your core values will be established by how well you know your target audience.  

What do you know about your audience, where are they having conversations and how do they talk? 

How will your business help them? How do your competitors speak?  

If the majority of your competitors are corporate and formal, perhaps you have an opportunity to speak with an informal and friendly tone to your customers and stand out in your sector? 

Audience research will help to refine the right words and sentence structure to be used throughout marketing and communications.  


Eyes wide open for Sightful’s brand identity  

Online contact lens provider Sightful needed to develop a brand identity to support its rapidly-growing online business.  

Convenience and ease are at the heart of Sightful’s customer promise, so it was right that the tone we developed reflected that.  

We worked with the team to develop visual brand guidelines and a simple tone of voice to match. Clear guidance on words to use and how to structure sentences was included in the wider brand guidelines for Sightful 

The result? A stripped-back, friendly and consistent voice in all customer communications including the website, e-newsletters and social media platforms.   


Do you currently have a tone of voice as part of your brand identity? Do you need help refining your tone of voice, or just not sure where to start?  

We offer branding consultancy and services, which includes tone of voice as standard. Take a look at some examples of our work hereOr get in touch for a chat.

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