How to boost your EX credentials

In a previous blog we considered how brands could effectively market themselves during the pandemic, is it morally right and how can it be done tastefully?

Some of the examples highlighted are evidence of an emerging ‘Responsible Era’ where brands are actively encouraging better behaviours.

Strong brands in the future will be built with robust and authentic values and employees will be advocates driving the success.

The Responsible Era

This isn’t a new concept by any means, but the coronavirus pandemic has acted as a catalyst to driving these changes as best practice.

But that shift cannot be done without the strength and commitment of the people within the business.

Employee experience (EX) is the new priority and will become central to brands that will survive because, ultimately, staying close to your employees directly affects the customer experience.

Businesses can have all the tools and technology to deliver staff engagement, but it is harder than ever with remote working or skeleton staff to know if the message and sentiment is really cutting through.

Organisations that are slowly returning to work are in a position to help shape EX now, to impact the customer experience (CX) when it really counts.

Here are our top tips for boosting your EX credentials.

  • The difference between leadership and management is communication.
  • Align any internal communications with external activity and never assume that internal messaging won’t be leaked.
  • Over-communicate with your employees even when there is a tough message to land. Do so with clarity and authenticity.
  • Not all communication needs to be a corporate message – it can be a check-in, a hello, a ‘we miss you’.

Here’s how a simple e-card design could be distributed nationwide to employees – a great way to measure engagement by monitoring click-through rates too.

  • Virtual calls are great. But sometimes small surprise gestures through the post can have a big impact.
  • Help employees discover their own purpose during this time. If your staff have extra time, help them to flourish by upskilling in something which interests them to shape their role. This helps to drive growth mindsets that everyone can benefit from personally and professionally.
  • Engage with line managers to understand what will work well / won’t work well across the business and involve them in the process.
  • Information and responsibilities can flow more without normal or formal structures.
  • It might be easier to catch up with your line manager, some people might have their most creative ideas in the evenings. Find ways to leverage these learnings moving forward.
  • Consider how you can bring the best bits of remote working into your future
  • Share and celebrate good practice and the people who are embodying company values and purpose. Positivity is infectious and if you’re employees feel the love, your customers certainly will too.

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