D’OOH! Don’t miss out on the future of digital out-of-home advertising

We all know how big social media advertising is, brands are pouring more money into social than ever before. What’s not spoken about though is the quiet growth of traditional OOH (out-of-home) advertising. The medium has slowly become increasingly digitised and holds way more capabilities than ever before, giving brands the opportunity to create bespoke campaigns with personalised video content in high-visibility locations.

PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers) predicts year-on-year growth for digital out-of-home advertising, with 2020 seeing $40m global revenue from digital billboards. Spots that were originally made exclusive by sheet billboarding can now carry a message-a-minute by 100s of brands a day, and in turn, lowering prices. So, what does this mean for the future?

Are OOH ads worth it?

Well, it depends on a lot; most of all, your audience. Out-of-home media is normally a staple of urban locations: key traffic points, shopping centres, bus stops. The number of eyes passing a billboard will be way more than those who scroll past your sponsored Instagram post. In fact, JCDecaux state that OOH has a reach of 28%, more than any other platform.

Who are these people? Do you want them to look at your advert? Are they going to buy what you’re selling? When it comes to city-living, more people now inhabit urban areas with digital billboards. In particular, these are younger consumers. With more students and young professionals moving to cities from villages and the suburbs, the landscape of who consumes OOH media has changed.

The BBC report there’s now triple the amount of 20-something city dwellers than there were a decade ago. And even where we’re based, in Leicester, the amount of people living in the city has risen by 145%. This is a staggering increase in the audience for this type of advert, one that mirrors the social media boom of the 2010s. So, for the 2020s, you might want to start considering taking your content off the phone and out of the home.

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