Designer for a fiver: CWA’s budget fashion show

Inspired by Gucci’s 2019 collection and motivated by CWA’s philosophy of making most out of any budget we’re given, some of the team took up the challenge to re-imagine the bohemian, high-fashion looks of the runway. Armed with just £5 and the racks of a nearby LOROS charity shop, we headed out to channel our inner fashion gurus.

The outfits ranged from the elegant to the eye-watering, pushing the boundaries of modern fashion. It’s impossible to say whether any of these styles will go on to set worldwide trends, but if the general public start carrying round vases as accessories, you have Myles Griffin to thank.

After the challenge, we re-donated the outfits to LOROS and they presumably will be archived in fashion museums for decades. See a selection of outfits below to decide for yourself who had the best look.

cwa designer for a fiver moja reader
cwa meet the team about us moja
Moja Reader
Account Manager

Moja means business, literally. Her “employee of the month” accessory tells you all you need to know about how she treats her job. Moja’s outfit re-imagines the idea of a modern-day businesswoman, with a dazzling twist. She accompanies a distressed shirt-and-tie combo with a vintage Winnie the Pooh top, breaking the confines of the everyday business wear.

cwa designer for a fiver myles griffin
cwa meet the team about us myles
Myles Griffin
Senior Account Manager

Myles has shown great courage to put this together, especially with the skinny-fit jeans and top. The mirrored aviators give off attitude and the scarf is flowing and elegant. The leopard print styling with the choice to go barefoot is risqué, showing that the modern man can be both fierce and smart. Without doubt, the vase accessory is the most innovative selection seen in this collection.

cwa designer for a fiver mark sutherland
cwa meet the team about us mark
Mark Sutherland
PHP Developer

Mark’s role makes him an expert problem solver, so creating a piece of high-fashion was not an issue. The use of the classic tennis shoe with the trouser re-defines formal comfort, the sunglasses giving him a touch of class and protection from sun rays. Although critics have compared Mark’s look to that of the three blind mice, we can only describe him as a visionary.

cwa designer for a fiver chris nobbs
cwa meet the team about us chris
Chris Nobbs

Here, Chris has shown off a flair and ambition that he regularly exhibits in his role as a designer.

He has toyed with the floral patterns present in much of modern menswear, pairing the warm colours with a traditional tweed jacket. The sleek sunglasses and chequered ties create the image of the modern man with people to see and things to do, whilst the sandals say otherwise.

Have a look at Chris’ runway show.

Thank you to LOROS Glenfield and the great work they do.

If your business need ideas as creative as the ones above, have a look at some case studies below and say

cwa meet the team about us mark
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Mark Sutherland
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