CWA’s favourite Christmas traditions

The Christmas spirit is now in full effect here at CWA. So far this month, we’ve all gave our opinions on what we choose to consume over the festive period, what we choose to listen to at Christmas and now this week, it’s about those merry rituals we like to do.

We asked our team what unique traditions they try to commit to every Yuletide. Whether it’s opening Christmas presents on New Year’s Day or eating your turkey with a spoon, our crazy lot do it all*.

*This may not be true!

cwa meet the team about us zoe
Zoe Wyles
Finance Director

My Christmas traditions revolve mainly around food – taking the tops off of mince pies and hiding a £1 coin inside one of them, then waiting to see who found it. Dad eating tinned fruit and jelly with carnation milk, with bread and butter… Yes, honestly, the bread and butter is eaten with the fruit, jelly and cream. He only ever eats this concoction at Christmas!

cwa meet the team about us chris
Chris Nobbs

Buying the Christmas double issue Radio Times, flicking through to see what’s on the box over the festive period, and then getting out your highlighter pen to highlight what you fancy watching! Yes I know that might sound old fashioned… but that’s part of the appeal!

Sarah Howells
Head of PR

Drinking ‘Gunfire’ at midnight on Christmas Eve. Traditionally drunk on Christmas Day, ‘Gunfire’ is not for the faint-hearted. Made of black tea and laced with Port, the cocktail traces its origins to the late 19th century when served to lower-ranking members of the British Army to offer ‘Dutch courage’ before a morning attack.

cwa meet the team about us debbie c
Debbie Carson
Logisitics Manager

The night before. Putting out Santa’s door key, the reindeer food, a mince pie and glass of Jack Daniels for the big man! Then, creating footsteps out of flour… (obviously this last one is when kids are in bed).

cwa meet the team about us dom
Dominic Taylor
Digital Content Executive

My Christmas breakfast has always been, and always will be, pork pie and toast. Both complement each other perfectly and we always get a proper pork pie in for Christmas. It’s the only tradition I can manage to uphold.

cwa meet the team about us seth
Seth Wilkin
E-mail Process Developer

Honestly, I’ve never been one for tradition, but Christmas is probably the one time of year that my whole family get about the same level of drunk, which is always a fun time. Bonus points for seasonally relevant tipples.

cwa meet the team about us adam
Adam Palmer
Social Media Manager

Pate on toast every Christmas morning is a must. Also, a family quiz on the previous 12 months is also a common occurrence.

cwa meet the team about us emma
Emma Jackson
Account Director

Putting my festive fleecy pyjamas on and sitting in front of the TV with snacks and a glass of port. Oh, and the work’s Christmas do… something funny always happens after a few shots.

cwa meet the team about us martin
Martin Lovegrove
Creative Director

The Panto. Oh no it’s not. Oh yes it is.

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