CWA’s favourite Christmas food

Following the discussion on CWA’s favourite album covers, we set to work on discovering the weird and wonderful thoughts that everyone has on Christmas.

This time of year means different things to different people, you might think food, you might think music, but one thing is for certain, you definitely have a weird tradition or guilty pleasure that no-one else shares.

For the first week of December, we’ve looked at our favourite food. Whether you can’t stand a Christmas pudding or you have it for Boxing Day breakfast: I’m sure we can all agree that pigs in blankets are a necessity on our Christmas dinner plates… can’t we?!

See some of our choices below…

Seth Wilkin
E-mail Process Developer

Mince Pies. I can demolish a pack of these year-round, but when December comes around they become that much tastier!

Martin Lovegrove
Creative Director

Boxing Day Turkey Sandwich. Fresh bread, loads of butter and salt. Simple, but effective… like me.

Mark Sutherland
PHP Developer

Festive Friends – I will easily get through several boxes of these little biscuits over Christmas.

Adam Palmer
Social Media Manager

Pigs in Blankets, of course. But leftover food on Boxing Day is the best. Slobbing out on the sofa.

Chris Nobbs

Matchmakers. Any flavour will do. The box must be carefully unwrapped, gently slid open, and then savagely consumed in its entirety in one sitting, pausing only to begrudgingly share with loved ones. If you have to.

Emma Jackson
Account Director

I always get a little bit excited when the tubes of Cheese Footballs start to appear on the supermarket shelves. Christmas time is the ultimate snack time for me. Cheese snacks, cheese, cheese filled pastry, cheese straws, more cheese.

Joe Clewes
Account Executive

Boring, but pigs in blankets are always well received. In terms of pudding I hate Christmas Pudding so bananas and custard is always a great Christmas treat.

Debbie Carson
Logisitics Manager

Turkey and Cranberry Sauce – it’s a taste sensation!

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