GrandVision “Magic Mirror” Augmented Reality Solution

The world of retail is changing. Consumers now expect a seamless omnichannel experience, increasing the way that digital is integrated in to the physical store of today. To help GrandVision bring new technologies into their store experience, CWA developed the Magic Mirror. The Magic Mirror is an AR-based customer experience, that allows them to virtually try on a selection of frames. The customer simply steps up and selects the frames they want to try on. When they have found the perfect pair, they can take a photo and share on social media, or simply e-mail it to themselves. The concept holds great potential for marketing and data capturing, both in-store and out of store. The Magic Mirror was showcased at GrandVision’s Global Leadership Forum 2018, and received great positive feedback. The concept is still a prototype for in-store application, but interest is ongoing. Watch this space…

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