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Design Studio Spotlight – 2020 Review

It’s fair to say that 2020 has been a bit of a rollercoaster… at this time of year we tend to get a little reflective at CWA and this year has been no exception.

We spent some time reminiscing with our creative design team who get involved in almost every project we deliver, and they had some pretty decent highlights from the year worth sharing.

Premier Paper eTEC Product Launch

Graphic Design Creatives for Premier Paper
Movie poster creative for Premier Paper

Cinemas have been closed for most of 2020, but that didn’t stop us from creating launch campaign using movie poster styling for Premier Paper Group to launch their new range of vinyl products, suitable for loads of creative applications.

Demand for display graphics has boomed in public places and commercial settings since the pandemic. Premier Paper, the UK’s largest supplier of paper to signage printers, asked for our help to position itself as the number one supplier for this growing market.

Creative director, Martin, worked with the team to create a series of movie posters for this campaign, using creative styling to translate the product attributes into an exciting range of posters and all in record time.

“It was refreshing to come up with ideas that needed to be slightly tongue-in-cheek rather than a serious, business message. The tight turnaround didn’t allow over-thinking so it was just a case of breaking out Photoshop and getting down to it! The Spider-Man direction in our poster for ‘Defying Gravity’ was fun to do, I enjoyed getting back into the swing of it.”

To further support the launch, to both an internal and external audience our video production team also developed a movie which sat at the core of a targeted social media campaign aimed at building awareness, building the online community and of course to generate leads.

Scoring a major event for a global brand

Image of woman speaker at dealer conference
Speaker at global dealer conference

Graphic designer, Chris, said that one of his highlights was bringing the creative concept for a dealer conference to life.

One of our logistics and transport clients was looking for an alternative way to update and inspire the workforce with the team’s vision and objectives and Chris scored this project.

At the beginning of 2020 – back when events were still taking place – he created a football themed-concept for hundreds of people at a dealer conference.

Chris said: “It’s always satisfying to see the designs you’ve been working on graduate from your Mac screen to a big screen, and to see the whole event theme in full swing. That happened shortly before lockdown came along and no-one knew at the time how much life was about to change!”

Promoting Leicestershire’s Local Heroes

Leicestershire County Cricket Membership Campaign Creative
CWA is the official communications partner for LCCC

Graphic designer, Nick, was the creative mind behind Leicestershire County Cricket Club’s (LCCC) most successful membership campaign this year.

He said: “LCCC has been a great client to work on as they were fairly new, so I have been able to develop a style for them from scratch which has developed into brand-wide creatives as well as visuals to support campaigns.”

The design studio has been creating more animation this year, which is something we expect to see more of in 2021 as clients look at ways to enhance their social media channels.

With Christmas just around the corner we asked the team if they had any Christmas-themed creative tips.

CWA's Christmas campaign was the brain child of our designer Nick
Here’s how our CWA Christmas campaign looked

Chris: “I used to design my own Christmas cards, something I’d carried on from when I was a kid, although when my own children came along, I gave up that tradition!

“It’s always an interesting challenge to find new creative approaches to the same annual event, but it’s always worthwhile for brands to personalise their Christmas activity – whether that’s for customers or their own teams.”

Nick agrees. He said: “Our ‘CWA in a Manger’ campaign worked particularly well. We used baby photos to create a multiple-choice quiz. Players were asked to guess the CWA colleague from the baby photo and the quickest person to guess 12 correctly won a prize. It was a great opportunity to put people at the front and centre of Christmas activity to give people a smile.”

If you’re looking for a spark of creativity when planning ahead for 2021, why not get in touch with us to see how we might be able to help? We love to get our heads together to find ways of bringing your brand to life.

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