Keeping up with the video evolution

Video has evolved and it’s everywhere.

49% of people watch more than five videos per day (Promo 2019 ) – does this include you?

By 2022 82% of web traffic will be video. It’s no surprise that branded video content on Facebook has increased by 258% since 2016, and more than half of LinkedIn posts were video last year (Tubular Insights).

That is a lot of competition! What does this mean and why should you care?

The benefits of using video content

First things first. By video, we mean everything from graphic animations, drone footage, live shoots, interviews, time-lapses and 360° virtual tours.

Think less video… more visual content. Here are some of the benefits it can bring.

  • Video thrives across almost every channel and platform (web and mobile).
  • It’s perfect for simplifying complex messages.
  • It offers value for money. One video can be edited into shorter versions and teaser clips for social media and email.
  • The combination of visuals and music creates an emotional and memorable experience.
  • It is measurable. It’s easy to monitor of views and comments.
  • It can increase your landing page conversions by an impressive 80% (Eyeview Digital via SEJ).
What type of video content stands out?

If you have a good story to tell or a new product to launch, video is the best way to get your audience to laugh, think, feel and do.

Before you start on your next video project consider:

  • What do you want to achieve? Brand awareness, communicating a difficult message, securing leads?
  • Focus on being authentic to your brand and values.
  • Work with an expert team to help you plan and execute.

Need some inspiration? Here are some of the best bits from projects we’ve worked on from live events, product launches and explainer videos.

Hull Trains 360° Virtual Tour

This spherical video style was perfect for Hull Trains’ new train launch. Customers can experience the state-of-the-art trains before booking their next journey.

Click the image to watch the video
Personalised Messages

A personalised message can really make a difference in your internal communications strategy which is focussed on improving employee experience.

Here’s how a simple e-card design could be distributed nationwide to employees – a great way to measure engagement by monitoring click through rates too.

Our experts in story telling can suggest fresh ideas and eye-catching creatives for your next project. We can also help you to build a wider campaign to make sure you video gets seen and has the right messaging and strategy supporting it.


Are you thinking differently about video yet? If you want to chat about introducing more visual content into your marketing strategy, say

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