Volvo Trucks VISTA World Championship

The VISTA World Championship is the world’s largest service market competition, and CWA was responsible for organising the event. Our VISTA project team managed every facet of the competition, including logistics, venue sourcing, delegate support, technical production, social media management and our supporting Performance is Everything campaign.

230 teams, made up of 1,154 participants, came from all over the world to compete in the Semi-Finals in Gothenburg, Sweden, over a week period. The Final was held in Curitiba, Brazil, where a 5-day programme for 249 delegates in 40 teams from 31 countries. CWA were in charge of registration, organising a CSR activity and onsite delegate support and event management. In fact, CWA had to negotiate a last minute change by the client over the choice of the city for the final, just one week prior to the event. The results were phenomenal. CWA received extremely positive feedback from both the client and delegates like. It’s no exaggeration to say that CWA set a new benchmark for the VISTA World Championships.

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