Volvo Trucks: Turning heads at an international show

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Client: Volvo Trucks

Scope: Live Events, Video, Digital Solutions, Design, Media Relations

Understanding the client

CWA has worked with Volvo Trucks for decades across a range of different campaigns, so we welcomed the chance to work with them again.

Volvo Trucks is one of the largest truck brands in the world, selling vehicles and services in more than 140 countries. It wanted to turn heads at the IAA transport show in Hanover, Germany, which is the world’s largest transport and logistics conference – and it turned to long-standing creative partner CWA for support. At the time of the show, Volvo Trucks was the only manufacturer to offer a full range of electric trucks, ready to be ordered on the day of the show.

Gathering insights and expertise

Volvo Trucks’ key message is ‘Together Towards Zero,’ meaning zero emissions and zero accidents courtesy of increased production of electric vehicles with enhanced safety features. We worked in collaboration with the client for 12 months leading up to the event, to ensure the stand highlighted their key message in a way that resonated with their target audience. The challenge was to ‘sell’ the features, advancements, and benefits of Volvo Trucks’ electric fleet without the delegates having experienced the truck in real life.

In keeping with Volvo Trucks’ key message, the stand had to be as sustainable as possible. Our solution spanned multiple services, including live events, video, digital, design, and media relations, truly testing the calibre of the CWA team.

IAA Plinth
IAA Tabletop

Collaborating to meet objectives

This was much more than a regular live event and required input from multiple CWA departments. The stand boasted state-of-the-art technology, including a virtual reality experience, bespoke rolling content with a hologram theatre experience complete with ‘real wind’ effects inside a huge video cube, and interactive touch screens providing personalised product suggestions and education. We also hosted an innovative press conference before the show, complete with soundscape, to create a truly immersive 360° experience.

Both the stand and press conference required careful planning. With two touch screens, a virtual reality offering, and a hologram on the stand, it was imperative that all digital elements operated reliably for the duration of the event without relying on an internet connection. We delivered all digital operations as desktop applications and ensured both technical and digital support staff were on the stand to ensure a seamless operation.

Tasked with making sure the stand was as sustainable as possible, we avoided any single-use materials, incorporated natural greenery and used digital over traditional print.

Delivering added-value results

The result was a stand that captured the press and delegates’ attention, with bespoke and interactive content that truly delivered Volvo Trucks’ key message in an exciting and engaging way. In addition, our video team demonstrated their ability for fast turnaround edits, while our digital team showcased their exceptional technical support on the stand itself.

Ensuring accurate reporting and press coverage that conveyed Volvo Trucks’ key message, the 300-strong press contingent was given multiple clear headlines on which to report. These were perfectly timed to work with the presenter scripts, demonstrating CWA’s ability to go above and beyond.

The design and features of the stand were perfect for sharing on social media platforms too, generating more than 100 shares on social media and over 30,000 engagements on Volvo Trucks’ social platforms.

The result


Representatives from key industry media


Engagements across Volvo Trucks’ social content


Shares of the press event across social media

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