Sightful: a streamlined strategy to build a household name

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Client: Sightful

Scope: Design and Branding

Understanding the client

Sightful, an online contact lenses store based in the Netherlands and a horizontal expansion to the optical retailing giant GrandVision.

The synergy was obvious. Like CWA, Sightful is all about people – it started thanks to an employee initiative, which encourages the GrandVision team to submit innovative ideas to help build the GV brand.

Gathering insights and expertise

Sightful was a new brand with big ambitions. It needed a communications framework, a social strategy, brand guidelines and a whole heap of social content for their first year in business. The objective was to make the Sightful brand a household name in the Benelux region, by communicating its ‘surprisingly easy’ solutions.

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Collaborating to meet objectives

We worked closely with Sightly’s Managing Director and his team over a 12-month period to map out the business brand from start to finish. It started with a marketing buzz session – the first step to any successful brand – before working together on a series of workshops to set out objectives, identify challenges and plan the journey.

With no physical store, we knew digital content would be key. We worked with Sightful to create fresh, original content that would help communicate its key messages and values. A two-day shoot in Amsterdam delivered a high-end brand film, multiple service stings and hundreds of professional images.

Delivering added-value results

Working together with the client, CWA developed a communications framework, a social strategy and brand guidelines, in addition to the content needed to communicate it both internally and externally. This included four brand films, eight product stings and over 200 brand images.

The collaboration between CWA and Sightful ensured a smooth development of the Dutch brand, supporting customers to understand the Sightful offering and begin building brand advocacy.

We helped the brand to achieve 167% growth in social media following in its first six months online. Sightful had also increased its workforce by 130% by the end of the first year as sales and popularity increased.

The result


Social media following growth in six months


Brand films created


Brand images secured

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