Vifor Pharma: A virtual event solution with a live broadcast feel

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Client: Vifor Pharma

Scope: Virtual Events

Understanding the client

Vifor Pharma is a global leader in iron deficiency and iron deficiency anaemia therapies. Dating back to 1872, the Swiss pharmaceutical is steeped in history and prestige.

Just like CWA, where our culture is all about putting our clients first, Vifor Pharma’s patients are at the centre of everything it does. The brand continues to leverage its culture and heritage as a source of competitive advantage to grow the business further and be at the forefront of innovation.

Gathering insights and expertise

With travel bans in place and Vifor Pharma’s Senior Leadership Team unable to attend the usual annual conference in Davos, Switzerland, Vifor Pharma needed a solution.

With this in mind, we worked with the team to develop the concept of ‘Vifor On Demand’. The objective was to utilise Vifor On Demand to deliver a new digital format for Vifor Pharma’s annual leadership summit. It needed to drive engagement and deliver the clarity of information required from the leadership style event.

Collaborating to meet objectives

The CWA team worked closely with Vifor Pharma to map out a strategy to launch its new full-service virtual event solution and deliver a flawless and engaging event. We assisted with all elements of the event, including concept, scripting, video production, technical direction, and the building and hosting of the bespoke event microsite.

There were several challenges. We knew that many of their audience were unaccustomed to virtual events, so we worked with Vifor Pharma to deliver the virtual event in a more memorable and engaging way than the physical alternative.

From a CWA perspective, everything needed to be managed without physical interaction with presenters, guest speakers or crew.

Additionally, whereas a standard face-to-face event would extend across two to three days, virtual audiences need the information delivered within just a couple of hours. This meant that all segments and business area updates needed to be kept concise.

Delivering added-value results

Working together with the client, we worked to deliver a live broadcast feeling while still enabling presenters to feel confident and that their messages were clear and well delivered. We did this by combining a mix of both pre-recorded and live segments.

We also delivered a live Q&A session between the at home participants and the studio-based moderators, enabling us to capture the live reaction to the content.

Post event, the microsite was then able to transform into an on-demand style platform, where each bitesize segment could be individually revisited, ensuring that participants could absorb the material once again at their own pace.

The collaboration between CWA and Vifor Pharma resulted in an exciting new step for the pharmaceutical brand, one that proves the benefit of standalone virtual events in the long-term future.

The result


Senior Leadership Team participants


Number of separate locations from where presenters spoke


Broadcast across three continents

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