Nottingham University Hospitals: Building emotion through video

Client: Nottingham University Hospitals

Scope: Video

Understanding the client

Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust has more than 16,000 staff and is built on teamwork and collaboration.

Working closely with the communications team helped us to understand the seven values that underpin the team ethos, delivering lifesaving acute services for the people of Nottinghamshire.

Gathering insights and expertise

The brief from our client was simple – ‘make me cry!’. Complementing an existing people-focused campaign, the Trust needed an update to its brand film which would celebrate its staff and reflect the realities of going through the COVID-19 pandemic. Our objective was to reflect how the team had pulled together through the difficult period, reinforce its values and build emotion.

Camera image

Collaborating to meet objectives

We worked closely with the NUH team to overcome a number of challenges in delivering the video, not least the fact that 100% of the people filmed were wearing facemasks. This led to the development of a concept where the team held signs to showcase the seven values and show the pride and emotion through their eyes.

Going beyond the conventional corporate video genre, our specialist video team delivered an end-to-end solution that touched the heart of those who were involved and those who watched it.

Given unprecedented access to all areas of the hospital including cancer wards, neo-natal wards and intensive care, we sensitively filmed people at their most vulnerable times and in the most touching moments to deliver an ethical, emotive story.

The camera operator, using a highly mobile ‘Easy Rig’ to support and stabilise the camera, was required to react quickly to capture those subtle moments of care, of tenderness, of warmth between staff and patients. From the joy of a young patient trying on new prosthetic limbs for the first time, or the sensitivity required by nursing staff when life gets put on hold, Team NUH shone through.

Delivering added-value results

The end result was displayed proudly on the NUH website as a main part of the campaign and formed a key part of the Trust’s virtual staff awards ceremony, celebrating the unique team spirit within the hospital through the toughest times. The client was delighted with the end result and CWA was asked to deliver another video for the 2022 campaign.

The result



Steps completed on the recce


Days filming across the hospital


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