LiuGong: Supporting a sales force with interactive video

Client: LiuGong

Scope: Video and animation

Understanding the client

Chinese company LiuGong is one of the world's largest manufacturers of construction machinery, a global B2B giant that sits perfectly within CWA’s roster of heavy industry clients.

Gathering insights and expertise

As with many organisations, COVID-19 changed the way LiuGong communicates with its clients. Where sales representatives would usually take a client to see machinery up close, suddenly they were no longer able to do that. We worked with the team to understand the requirements, identify the obstacles and explore how we could use video to deliver a new way of introducing equipment to new and existing clients.

LiuGong image

Collaborating to meet objectives

Our concept was to take the client to the equipment using video. We filmed a ‘point-of-view’ style video with overlaid graphics to create a virtual representation of an in-person walkaround, highlighting key features and product benefits using a ‘Top 10’ approach.

The camera moves around the machine while graphics highlight key information – intended to start a conversation when sales teams present the video to their client. Our specialist video team used all of their expertise to film using a steady-cam system and drone, with all content storyboarded and scripted in advance to ensure tailored messaging.

To add to the impact (and the filming challenges), the video was filmed in a working quarry.

Delivering added-value results

We delivered a showstopping video that demonstrates the scale, quality and key benefits of LiuGong’s equipment in a creative way, overcoming COVID-19 challenges. And we didn’t stop there – the format was so well received that we filmed Top 10 walkaround videos for a further three products across two shoots.

The result


Key machine benefits highlighted per video


Drone weight in grams


Factor 50 suncream used on set!

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