Commercial trucks: An innovative app to source customer stories

Client: Commercial Trucks

Scope: Digital marketing, Creative, Media & Communications

Understanding the client

Working with the UK dealer network of a global commercial trucks manufacturer, CWA was able to apply all of its experience and expertise in the commercial vehicle market.

We already knew the business and its challenges, working with the wider global organisation on various marketing initiatives. We combined that insight with intelligent marketing to help achieve its PR and communications objectives in the UK – including becoming the number one truck brand on social media.

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Gathering insights and expertise

The challenge was clear. Our client faced the age-old problem of drawing positive success stories and business wins from a disparate dealer network and salesforce, in order to generate newsworthy PR leads.

Sales representatives were inevitably busy and many were left unengaged with the comms function, having followed a legacy process that saw them submitting leads that were often left unactioned. For the marketing team, it had become difficult to source, collate and action stories from more than 90 dealers, each with up to ten sales individuals out in the field working directly with customers.

Our brief was to develop a process that would help sales teams to submit stories more efficiently, better understand what makes a ‘good’ story for different marketing channels and boost employee engagement – all of which would ensure success stories were not lost and help drive brand recognition across PR and social media channels.

Collaborating to meet objectives

Working in collaboration with the central marketing team and dealer network, we built an app – Pocket PR – that allows field-based sales teams to submit customer stories on the move.

The first of its kind, this app provides instant statuses of submissions and allows users to track which channels the story would appear on. It also enables a ‘never say no’ policy, which gives everyone the confidence to share ideas without needing the marketing expertise to identify how it will be used.

Built for this client but available for similar organisational structures, the app was developed with the option to gamify and incentive use, including leaderboards that can be used to reward the most active individuals and teams.

It also uses push technology, with the option to send messages direct either to those who aren’t participating or to all users if specific angles are needed.

Delivering added-value results

By working to understand employees and the barriers that had prevented stories from being submitted, CWA developed an innovative, unique solution that streamlines process and improves employee engagement. It provides both the dealer network and marketing teams with accountability of how many stories were submitted whilst improving understanding of how stories are used, to both encourage and incentivise submissions.

For this client, the app helped it to become the number one brand of its kind on social media and an internal employee survey showed a significant increase in employee engagement.

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