The benefits of an A-Team

The benefits of an A-Team

I was a huge fan of The A-Team when I was a kid. Every Saturday afternoon I’d go to the shop and buy myself a can of pop to slurp (7-up) and a bar of chocolate to devour (Logger Fruit & Nut) whilst watching the latest antics of the four mercenaries.

Each character brought with them their own specialities. Hannibal was the brains of the operation, whose tactics could be often ‘out there’ but effective. The Face was the ultimate persuasion-ist but always with integrity. Murdoch was a rather unpredictable but extremely skilled pilot and B.A. Baracus knew all there was to know about mechanics and weaponry as well as being the ‘muscle’ of the group.

Every week, whilst slipping into a sugar-induced coma, I would grin my way through every scrape they got themselves into and applaud the way in which they escaped them too. They were all experts in their field who respected each other’s skills.

Hannibal’s plan would never come together otherwise.

It’s a full-stack approach

This is why I love working in a full-service agency with the right people. We’re a team of experts who work together to get the job done the best possible way. Strategists, Managers, Producers, Designers and Developers covering Social, PR, Events, Digital, Video, Animation and Branding. Whatever the client needs, collectively we can handle it.

But here’s the bonus. By working with a team of experts you don’t have to be a creative hero, a tech whiz and head strategist. You can relax in the knowledge that they will come good when it comes to their discipline, and also by keeping each other in the loop you get to see opportunities and solutions you may have missed otherwise – creating a culture of informing and learning from each other.

It’s not about You winning. It’s about the Team winning.

I pity the fool who doesn’t make the most of them.

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