Zuck vs. Musk: July 2023

Zuck vs. Musk: July 2023

July has been jampacked with activity from across the sector, we saw the unveiling of the MSG Sphere in Las Vegas, National Express got a complete rebrand and FIAT has officially stopped producing grey cars.

What else has been catching the eyes of the CWA team this month?

Come on Barbie, let’s go party!

Image of the Barbie movie premier in London

Of course, top of the agenda this month is she who needs no introduction, Barbie.

After months of build-up, the premier week for the Barbie movie is finally here!

Mattel has done an expert job of selling more than just the movie, and whether you love her or hate her, Barbie is the O.G. influencer and she has quite literally painted the world pink.

Want to join the pink party?

Zuck vs. Musk

Image of the Threads logo


 Next up, what’s going on in social…

In the week that Twitter implemented a restriction on the daily number of tweets users can view, Meta launched its rival app to the blue bird, Threads. 

With its ability to link to Instagram, the app reached 100 million new users in just five days making it the fastest-growing online platform in history!

It’s too early to see the exact effects the app is having on Twitter, but we’re giving round one to Zuck. 

Get to know Threads

The power of advertising (and AI)…

Image of the French women's football team celebrating

This one got us this month!

We stumbled across this viral ad this week and it’s one of those pieces you just wish you made yourself.

The Women’s World Cup kicked off this week and no one got their fans more interested than les bleues, the French women's national team. The powerful advert went viral this week and perfectly breaks down bias in football in the most modern way, deepfake.

Watch till the end…

Yorkshire Tea heading for a summer number one?!

Still from Yorkshire Tea's Pack Yer Bags music video

And finally… Staying truly on brand, Yorkshire Tea‘s long-time agency partner Lucky Generals has written, produced, recorded, and tried their luck at the song of the summer.

If there’s anything you need to know about CWA it’s that we all love a brew and a good tune, so this piece resonated with us all.


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