To The Team: Helping Nottingham University Hospitals celebrate their staff

To The Team: Helping Nottingham University Hospitals celebrate their staff

At CWA, we love a challenge. So, when Nottingham University Hospitals gave our camera crew unprecedented access into the heart of a busy hospital – from the wards to intensive care, from seeing a live procedure in an operating theatre to food being prepared in the hospital kitchens – we couldn’t say no!

Behind the scenes - operating room

The film was a key part of this year’s virtual staff awards ceremony, celebrating the unique team spirit within the hospital through the toughest times. We were asked to show the Trust’s seven values by placing the staff front-and-centre, showing the incredible work they do every day and how they live those values in everything they do.

Capturing a hospital, real-time

A small camera crew were given fantastic levels of access to staff and patients, from newborn babies to life-saving operations. The emotive subject matter offered a unique perspective to all aspects of life, the good and the bad.

The camera operator, using a highly mobile ‘Easy Rig’ to support and stabilise the camera, was required to react quickly to capture those subtle moments of care, of tenderness, of warmth between staff and patients. Filming throughout in slow motion and using a high-quality lens gave the footage an intimate but crisp feel. But often, the scenes themselves spoke volumes. From the joy of a young patient trying on new prosthetic limbs for the first time, or the sensitivity required by nursing staff when life gets put on hold, Team NUH shone through.

We are Team NUH images

The TEAM NUH values

The Values were brought to life by the staff themselves, holding large cards to the camera to show their connection with the words. And footage of them living by the Values themselves completes the picture. A voiceover adding context to the Values and emotive music create a sensitive but uplifting overview of the Trust’s team and their Values.

The reception

The film received some great feedback across all levels at the hospital and will be used externally by the Trust going forward. For the crew, this project will stay long in the memory – the three unforgettable filming days gave us all a unique and privileged insight into the remarkable work done by the NHS every single day.

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