Mother Nature, is that you? September 2023

Mother Nature, is that you? September 2023

September has been full to the brim of A+ marketing efforts and it seems green has been leading the way in terms of key messaging.

But what else has caught the eye of the CWA team this month?

A force of nature…

Apple Mother Nature

Now this has had mixed reviews in the marketing landscape. In 2022, Apple promised to bring its entire carbon footprint to net zero by 2030 and now Mother Nature needs a status update.

This is an impressive way to take something serious and necessary but create an engaging piece of video content so that everyone can digest the sustainability report from the tech giants. Haters gonna hate though as it seems not everyone agrees with some marketers branding the video as “cringy”!

What do you think?

Fresh pine or burning forest?

Greenpeace Air Freshener

What will be your next air freshener scent in your vehicle?

Campaigning network Greenpeace has worked with The Juju Agency to highlight the forest emergency in Argentina. Every two minutes the country loses a hectare of forests – the equivalent of 30 football pitches an hour.

They created a unique air freshener for cars: ‘The Scent of Consciousness’’ to highlight this with the shape of the iconic Little Trees air freshener.

Check it out

Science + creativity = powerful campaigns

Wildish - Brilliant Planet

Wildish & Co has devised a new identity and strategy for the carbon removal company, Brilliant Planet.

They took cues from modern environmental publications and scientific white papers to create some mind-blowing, yet accurate, creatives to clearly highlight the brands' vision.

Step into Morocco

Finally… Pumpkin spice season is back!

Aviation Gin Negroni Week

Although it would seem Deadpool isn’t a fan…

Green wasn’t on the agenda for everyone this month, orange made its way through too. To celebrate Negroni Week, actor and owner of Aviation Gin, Ryan Reynolds, made his feelings on pumpkin spice very clear urging people to go for a stronger option this Autumn.


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