Designer Chris Nobbs chats about making his own movie at CWA…

Designer Chris Nobbs chats about making his own movie at CWA…

If you look around our website, you will see that CWA is a full-service agency. We support our clients with events (in-person and virtual), media and communications, digital solutions and video production.

With this specific feature, or series if you will, we’re shining a light on those unsung heroes in the design studio. The talented folk behind the social imagery, the eye-catching posters, the slide decks at events and everything in-between… but this feature is a little different.

CWA’s Creative Director, Martin Lovegrove, regularly set his team of designers a task to test themselves and improve their expertise and skill. This time it was about using After Effects. So, the task you ask? Make a movie trailer of course!

Have a read of an interview with Martin and the filmmaker himself, Chris Nobbs…

Box of Cereal Killer cereal


What was the main purpose of creating the internal project?
We specifically wanted the whole team to play with After Effects as it was something that the business was needing more and more.
These internal projects are intended to showcase some of the design team’s skills, give us some extra creative stimulation, and pick up some new skills that would be useful to the business, as well as having a bit of fun along the way.

How long did you have to do it? Or how long did you spend on it?
The whole process took longer than any of us originally envisaged, but projects like this always get pushed back whenever more important/urgent stuff takes priority – life gets in the way. Oh, and then a pandemic came along!
CWA gifted 8 x half-day sessions to each person, and they were asked to find any extra time themselves. The hope was that even though they may have been inexperienced in using the software, by planning with me we could achieve something within a sensible timeframe.

Cereal pieces spelling I'm watching you

Where did your idea come from?
It’s based on an ongoing joke about my obsession with cereals.

What is your favourite part of it and why?
The shower scene was a challenge – it needed a shower curtain (which we don’t have at home) so this part basically involved me being filmed half naked in a public shower by one of my sons while on holiday (I was glad I didn’t end up having to explain THAT to anyone!), which was then patched in to our shower room in the edit. But generally I like the fact that it’s almost all created from scratch – the concept, filming (done mostly on phones), video editing, audio editing, voiceovers, graphics, etc – with no budget.

Finally, what did you learn from doing it?
After Effects & editing skills were honed, but the whole thing was a bit of a journey. I would probably do a few things differently now but hopefully the end result raises a smile or two!

Watch the full movie trailer below…