An irrational love for baked beans… October 2023

An irrational love for baked beans… October 2023

October may have been soft on spooky marketing this year; however, that doesn't mean that marketing efforts have dwindled. Some iconic brands have blown us away with their clever advertising this month from beans to biscuits! 

An irrational love for baked beans…

First up this month is an advert that sent us through the motions here at CWA… From tears to laughter and everything in-between all over a can of beans.

How much do you love bakes beans?

McVities: The true OG’s

Great work from TBWA London to celebrate the true originals in the biscuit world who are often imitated, but never duplicated. Although they did nearly fool me with that voiceover…

True originals.

Can we skip to the good part?

Next up, we have flat pack giants, Ikea. Ikea India has introduced a series of ads “that skip you. A YouTube campaign consisting of six-second non-skippable ads that demonstrate the time-saving benefits of being organised. But with an added twist... The protagonist skips the ad before you can!

Check it out.

Finally… A red carpet fit for a chicken?

If like us you’ve been counting down the days for the return of those iconic plasticine chickens to the big screen (49 to be exact), you would have been delighted with Bab’s red-carpet appearance earlier this month at the BFI Film Festival.

A truly iconic chicken and outfit.

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