Would you spend £6 to find the perfect customer?

Would you spend £6 to find the perfect customer?

“TikTok” used to just be a noise that you heard on old clocks. In 2023, it’s the sound of memes, challenges, dance crazes and marketers being uber-creative.

And what comes with creativity? Engagement. And what comes with engagement? Sales.

It’s easy to assume the social app that boasts over a billion monthly users is “for the kids” as a lot of people say… but if you look in the right places… there’s an audience for everyone.

All eyes are on you

Everything users do on TikTok leads to them having the perfect algorithm tailored to them on their ‘For You Page’ (FYP). From what you like, share, or even spend time hovering on; this means users only see content the app thinks they will be interested in, from your everyday videos all the way down to the bespoke adverts.

Due to this tailored approach, TikTok is leading the way for engagement. 46% of users engage without distraction meaning they’re not mindlessly scrolling whilst watching TV or making dinner. For a platform to boast just under half of their entire users are engaged with their FYP and the content on there is like gold dust to marketers.

What more could a brand want?

TikTok is, factually, for everyone

TikTok is a virtual playground with audiences of all ages. In 2022, TikTok was the most downloaded app in the world, with an impressive 672 million downloads and the audience split is surprising to some with 52% of the users being over 30 years old.

And it’s not just for large businesses already with an established name benefitting from the video platform. In fact, the smaller your niche, the more power you have to reach your audience.

Online experiments such as the bottle cap challenge provided the perfect gap in the market for construction giants to join the TikTok bandwagon to take advantage. Watch below on how talented crane operators could demonstrate the precision of JCB’s equipment as they joined the viral trend.

Although these videos weren’t created by the official JCB accounts, they could see how the content performed and enter the game themselves to an established audience and even dabbled in a few trend-following videos themselves.

Have a look for yourself...

JCB Bottle Cap TikTok Challenge

They joined the platform back in 2020 and now benefit from over 110,000 followers, regular viewers, and strong engagement on every video. The construction hashtag itself currently has over 10.1 billion views, meaning it’s the perfect time for construction brands to be using the platform.

TikTok offers value and potential to grow for every brand, especially if you’re operating in a sector that isn’t crowded by competition, you can become trailblazers for your sector.

It’s happening on the platform each and every day. When the cost of living crisis first became apparent in the UK, financial TikTok or ‘FinTok’ as it is referred to, boosted in popularity and filled a vital knowledge gap as it became the go-to place for people to seek financial advice and this ranged from every day tips to mortgage advice.

Cost of living advice...

Financial advice on TikTok

To mortgage advice...

Mortgage advice on TikTok

Here’s our very own financial advice…

Now, we won’t lie, when it comes to TikTok advertising it can be more costly than any other social platform, but this is purely down to the sheer brilliance of their algorithm and engagement performance.

When you think an average cost per result is £1 on Facebook and around £3-4 on LinkedIn; it’s eye-watering to think it’s slightly over £6 for TikTok. However, the engagement numbers and the audience targeting are second to none. So whilst you’re paying more, the TikTok guys can better guarantee you a much stronger campaign result.

Of course, remember it is a video platform by trade, and so that means a little more resource is needed too as production levels are on the rise. But if you have a healthy budget with much-needed KPIs to hit; look no further than the “app for the kids”.

If you want to hear more about how we can introduce TikTok (or any paid social media channels) into your marketing plan and strategies, drop us a line.

For now, we’ll see you on the For You Page.