Redefine Priorities: January 2024

Redefine Priorities: January 2024

Happy New Year! (Can we still say that or is it too late now?)… Either way, it is a new year and this is our first That’s Ace of the year.  Dry January, Blue Monday, the first month of the year is full of opportunities to market your brand. But what caught our eye this month?

Redefine priorities…

Screenshot from More Human campaignIn a world dominated by technology, Amica Insurance, seeks to redefine priorities by conveying the significance of human connections.

Connect again

How much is that doggy in the window?

Capture of Google Pixel campaignDid you know that bad photos often prevent dogs from being adopted?

Google Pixel 8 Pro are helping animal shelters around America photograph dogs in their best light in order to get them into their furever homes.

Watch the ad

Don’t forget our feline friends!

Catnip magazineCatnip is a new publication that aims to scratch the surface of cat culture and uncover the many reasons why we’re so obsessed with our feline friends.

Published by Broccoli, with art direction by Anja Charbonneau who took inspiration from charity shops, the result… A jumble of retro items that might feel disparate, but somehow work perfectly together.

Take a look

And finally… Move over Jeremy Allen White!

BRLO Beer CampaignEarlier this month, The Bear actor Jeremy Allen White broke the internet with his new Calvin Klein campaign that took over the streets of New York. Well, it’s time for Jeremy to take a step back.

Craft beer maker Brlo is capitalising on the campaign with their own realistic spoof, On social media, the brand wrote: “Full-bodied, juicy and without the headache the morning after, it’s the perfect choice – not just in Dry January.”

Let me see!

What was your favourite marketing effort this month? Let us know and tag us on social media…