All in a day's work: November 2023

All in a day's work: November 2023

November has more stop motions than you can shake a stick at and we have loved it! From mundane everyday scenarios, we can all relate to, all the way to heartwarming awareness campaigns, this month has truly pulled at our heartstrings and that doesn't even include the 101 Christmas ads! 

All in a day’s work

Mailchimp has worked with animation director Catherine Prowse to craft six heart-warming tales of work challenges and the resilience needed to overcome them in their second series of 'All in a Day's Work'. All of the stop motions are designed in Catherine's signature style that oozes emotion.

Watch the series here

Waiting to live…

A really powerful campaign was created by Wunderman Thompson to raise vital awareness of the need for more child organ donors. Working with the NHS Blood and Transplant unit handmade dolls will be placed across the country each with a QR code where the public can hear real stories of children waiting for transplants across the UK.

Watch it here

The power of TikTok

This month a video on TikTok went viral after users couldn’t believe that the owner’s Stanley cup survived a car fire with ice still nicely chilled inside! The video racked up millions of views in just 2 days and the user was kindly offered a brand-new car by the president of Stanley himself!

Marketing win of the month

And finally… It’s Chriiiistttmaaassssss!

From Asda to Waitrose, Boots to Aldi, the big-name Christmas ads of 2023 are here! Covering everything from cheese tunes to rip-off musicals to the cost-of-living crisis, take a look and see which one leaves the biggest impression on you.

Roll the tapes