A masterclass in advertising: August 2023

A masterclass in advertising: August 2023

Silly season has been in full swing this summer.

The battle of the digital world is still rumbling on with the continuation of Zuck vs Musk with Elon announcing the iconic Colosseum as the location for their much-anticipated fight. We think that news might deserve a spot on this perfectly curated list of the best of silly season stories.

But of course, there has been some serious marketing too, and seriously great at that…

As featured in…

Image of McDonald's new campaign, as featured in...

We’re kicking off this month with a fast food masterclass… It’s no surprise that the iconic golden arches have made their way into pop culture over the years and their latest ad celebrates the simple fact that everyone has a McDonald’s order, even in the fictional world.

What’s your order?

House of hard things…

Next up some insightful branding… HOW&HOW have created an identity to help Biozeroc reinvent the world’s most “overused and abused” building material which is currently responsible for 8% of global emissions.

The work they’re doing is bringing building materials to the forefront of the conversation around climate and rather than going down the standard building or green route, they’ve reinvented the wheel…

How are they doing this?

Who runs the world?

Who runs the world?

We’re not going to get hung up on it, we know we didn’t win the World Cup. But, interest in women’s football has reached an all-time high this year which we think is nearly better than winning the World Cup… Nearly…

Brand agency Nomad has worked perfectly with the FA and England Football over three months to build on this momentum to celebrate the individual lionesses and bring their voices to life, inspiring girls of all ages and abilities to play the beautiful game. 

Take a look

Sweet as marmalade…

Stamps of Paddington bear

And finally… Receiving a letter in the next month? Look out for the little iconic bear. Royal Mail has released a set of 10 special edition stamps to celebrate the 65th anniversary of the nation's favourite bear (sorry Winnie!) The stamps feature moments from comic strips and the 1975 animated TV series.

Happy Birthday, Paddington!

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