“Celebrating Our Heroes” UD Trucks Campaign

For this year’s Gemba Challenge, UD Trucks wanted to recognise of the employees’ hard work needed to be the focus of the contest. In light of this, CWA developed the Celebrating Our Heroes campaign. This was designed to highlight the amazing job that these people do every day to serve customers. However, the execution added another layer to the campaign. The world is suffering from a global shortage of mechanics. In the launch video, we see a young boy experiencing the world of the UD Gemba Challenge through a VR headset. The end result was a big increase in the Gemba Challenge social media following, as well as delivering effective recruitment video footage to the UD Trucks HR department as an added touch. Have a look at the video, and get your first taste of the UD Gemba Challenge.

ud trucks celebrating our heroes engine
cwa ud trucks gemba boy video
cwa ud trucks boy bike video
cwa ud trucks laptop video
cwa ud trucks gemba technician
cwa ud trucks gemba group video
cwa ud trucks celebrating our heroes
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