Thea Pharmaceuticals: 3-month social campaign

After producing all the video and imagery content for Thea Pharmaceuticals, we were tasked with a three-month campaign from September to November 2019 to help promote their Thealoz® Duo eye drop product and to drive sales. Over twelve weeks on social media, website articles and tube advertising in London; we achieved huge success with the campaign. The KPIs for social media were extraordinary, hitting 7.5 million impressions and 160k engagements in two months. We also grew the following across their two channels by 476%.

 Offline, Thea Pharmaceuticals enjoyed their best October product sales they have had in recent history. The social campaign in particular was a massive instigator with the accomplishment. Below are a few images of the artwork we created, alongside some behind-the-scenes photos of the video shoot for ‘The Epic Blink’ – a slow-motion 30 second brand film.

cwa thea pharmaceuticals social design
cwa thea pharmaceuticals video bts
cwa thea social design campaign
cwa thea pharmaceuticals social campaign
cwa thea pharma social campaign
cwa thea pharmaceuticals video social
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