CWA in a Manger Game

This year, we breathed life into an idea that had hung on the wall of our studio for the past two years.

Our “CWA in a Manger” game was conceived for some Christmas fun and led to a great collaboration between our design studio and digital department. The game is a multiple choice quiz where the aim is to guess which CWA colleague is in which baby photo. Players are shown one of our baby photos and given three colleagues to choose from. The quickest to correctly guessing 12 right wins a prize worth over £130. Here’s some of our team talking about its creation…

I started at CWA in mid-November, a couple of years ago, and one of the tasks in the studio was to come up with an idea for one of our Christmas campaigns.

This game was my entry to the ‘ideas wall’ and it sat there until this year. I don’t really know how the idea came about, but I feel I’m quite good at pubs and therefore the name came first. Because of the name and the fact Jesus was a baby in a manger, I then came up with the idea of matching CWA employees with a picture of how they looked as one.

cwa meet the team about us nick
Nick Gilkes
cwa meet the team about us stef
Stef Ashwell
Head of Digital

Following discussions within the team, we decided that the concept for the game and the initial designs were to be drawn up by the design team. I started to build the functionality of the game following those initial design mock ups.

We targeted mobile-use primarily, and keeping similar proportions for the desktop experience. Thanks to the modern framework of VueJS, we were able to get a rough prototype coded and working quickly so we could test the functionality while the design was being finalised.

I lead the visual direction and worked with our Head of Digital, Stef, to determine how the game would be played. Once I got hold of all the photos, I was ready to pass the game over to the digital team to build. From here, I translated the game into social media and email assets, including some animation. We started around mid-October and worked on it intermittently for a couple of months.

I wanted to give the game a cool and contemporary look. I knew I didn’t want to go down your stereotypical Christmassy route… so what better than neon lights? On designing the game itself, it was lead by player usability. Enjoy – we had so much fun working on it.

cwa meet the team about us karen
Karen Hall

We’re all proud of this game and hope whoever plays it loves it too. Make sure to have a go yourself and be in the chance of winning our prize. Find “CWA in a Manger” here.

cwa in a manger design gif
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