The value of time is inflating: what this means for marketing

Attention, all marketeers! Time is running out… literally!  People are moving faster, with a smaller attention span, meaning every second is becoming more and more precious. This means, commercially, your business needs to adapt their marketing strategy accordingly.

If you want proof that the general population’s amount of free time is shrinking, look no further than the ol’ cookbook. The traditional family cookbook began with meals that took between an hour and 90 minutes to make, then they were ousted by Jamie Oliver and his “15-Minute Meals”. And now, in 2019, one of the most prominent celebrity chefs, Joe Wicks, gets you eating a healthy dish via a 15-second video recipe on Instagram!

So, to be cliché, time is money!

With people being more time pressured and having more screens to look at than ever before, getting customers to receive the messages you want to communicate is becoming ever more challenging. If your business mentality is that your glass is half full, you could say it’s an opportunity to push more messages out. For example, it’s likely that you use most of the free time you do have, in front of the TV, with your phone in your hand.



We now tend to view different chunks of media across various platforms at once. This means selective attention and a growing insensitivity to advertisements. This also means choosing your content style very carefully; your visuals, message and format all matter more than you think when putting advertisements on social media platforms. Your company running an advertising campaign should always consider this when discussing strategy.

This doesn’t mean spending more, it means being savvy

Make your budget work harder and smarter by targeting as granular as possible. Multiple platform advertising shows consistency, which builds brand trust and awareness. It’s been proven that most view a brand more positively when exposed to their ads on more than one platform and the flexibility of social media means you can tweak your budget by the penny. It’s also one of a few mediums where everything, and we mean everything, can be measured. From video views, likes, shares, impressions and clicks; we clearly demonstrate to our clients just where their money is being spent, and how effective the results are.

So, in a nutshell, it’s about not wasting the precious time your potential customers have. Using a multi-channel strategy will mean you hit your target audience, over numerous channels with tailored content. For example, you could read a short punchy tweet about a pair of shoes you must own, then head over to Instagram and you see a 15-sec video of the said shoes in action – you obviously need to own them… the social sphere is telling you!

It’s the science of social media. It’s about telling them, tell them again and tell them what you’ve told them. If your message and content are bang on… there’s more than likely going to be at least one less pair of shoes on the shelf.

So, come and say

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