Volvo Group Trucks Sales and Marketing Region EMEA held 4 Kick Off events to start 2013 strongly and unite under a new organisational structure. CWA worked in conjunction with Hansen to deliver them.

With Hansen looking after the logistics, CWA’s production team worked with Swedish suppliers Lightland to create a highly interactive program in 4 different venues. 3 of the 4 Kick Off events were held near Volvo Trucks HQ in Gothenburg, while the 4th was held in Lisbon.

CWA produced an entertaining program for all the events, involving special guest speakers, breakout workshops, open forums and even brought to life the famous Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Game show. There was a strong business focus on the agenda, especially continuing the Customer Company concept that has been so successful to date. With lots of new faces and a new structure, there was also a focus on networking and forming new teams.

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