In preparation for our upcoming 50th anniversary celebrations, we have been digging through the archives and managed to unearth a previously unknown publication that was privately printed in 1964 by CWA founder Chris Whitmore.

The 32 page book simply entitled ‘Slate Engraving’ was researched and designed by Chris and Peter Gwillam at the Leicester College of Art, School of Printing and looks at the art of slate engraving through the seventeenth century through to the mid-1800’s.

Focusing exclusively on designs from Leicestershire and Cornwall, Chris and Peter showcase some charming work ranging from crude typography with complete disregard to legibility through to ornate cherubs that are created in a single line.

Printed in very small numbers, we’re proud to now have a copy of this book in our studio not only because of CWA’s historical connection with it’s co-author but also as a great reference piece to a sometimes overlooked folk-art.


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