By now, most people will know what Philip Larkin, the Ferens gallery and the Truck theatre all have in common: Hull.

Today it was announced that Hull is to become the UK’s City of Culture in 2017. It’s a prestigious accolade, but it confirms something that CWA has known all along.

For years we have been producing creative work to attract people to the city for our client: First Hull Trains. The city’s architecture, culture and people are reflected in the image that First Hull Trains presents.

Where in the past Hull may have been seen to be rather dull, the future is certainly looking a lot brighter for the city. Obviously, as a Leicester based agency we’re disappointed that our glorious city does not get an official chance to fly the flag of culture in 2017. But we’re equally ecstatic for Hull. The boost the city will receive in terms of tourism and the economy will no doubt have a positive impact on First Hull Trains. As people from around the UK flock to the city in the coming years, it gives First Hull Trains and CWA to showcase creative work to an entirely new audience.

So, bad-luck Leicester, but roll on 2017 for Hull and First Hull Trains!

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