Welcome to the latest Studio Spark, where the CWA design studio shares whatever has been sparking our creative imaginations over the past month – whether that be Art or Design, Film or Theatre, Music or Dance, Technology or Nature…

Here’s this month’s roundup.

Back to vinyl

Written by Teresa Bembrick


The German dance label Kontor records came up with an innovative device to promote the new Boris Dlugosch track to the creative agencies they are targeting.

The Back to Vinyl “The Office Turntable” is a card turntable kit which when incorporated with an actual vinyl record and a bespoke smartphone app, can play the record whenever required.

This approach increased their targeted listeners response by an incredible 64%.


Hit the road, Grant

Written by Martin Lovegrove


I adore Grant Haffner’s acrylic paintings depicting empty, rural roads inspired by the many long trips he takes in Long Island’s East End.

Despite barely any content in his images with the exception of his signature telegraph poles, his sense of composition and incredible bold use of colour give these paintings such movement and mood.

They are so annoyingly simple.

When I drive I feel completely alive. For a small moment, in between this place and that, I am free from reality. My truck and I become a motion of blurred color, barreling through space and time. I like to keep my window open to listen to the sounds that traveling makes, to enjoy the smell of the landscape. Every trip is a new one, not one sunset is the same. On the road I am a part of the painting. I am movement, color, sound, adventure and emotions. This is my landscape.

You can see more of his work here

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