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Here’s this week’s roundup.

Dreaming with Jeff

Written by Martin Lovegrove

During the famous Superbowl ad break, a rather surreal commercial appeared showing Jeff Bridges sitting in somebody’s bedroom while they sleep, playing a singing bowl and letting out a continuous “Om”.

The 50 second ad simply ends with the website dreamingwithjeff.com

“I love listening to intriguing sounds while I drift off into my dreams”, says Jeff in an earlier teaser ad. So he embarked on a project to create an album filled with soothing sounds, strange noises and idle ponderings. The result is a 15 track collection called ‘Sleeping Tapes’.

“The world is filled with restless people… people who need rest, don’t you think? I think so, that’s why I made my Sleeping Tapes album”, begins Jeff in another video in which he shows you how he built his website using Squarespace.

And this is the bit that caught my attention, the website that has been built is very simple but very stylish and incredibly well designed. I doubt very much that Jeff actually built this himself, but that doesn’t really matter. It keeps all the info you need to one page, has some cute animated elements, very user friendly indeed and it does a great job in illustrating how good Squarespace is.

As Squarespace say themselves, “We believe that no matter what weird or crazy idea you might have, Squarespace can help you present it to the world beautifully.”

You can buy the album in digital, cassette and vinyl format with proceeds going to charity, or you can even stream for free via the site, but be warned if listening at work as you may nod off at your desk!


Drawing the line

Written by Karen Hall

Brian Steely logos

For a while now I’ve been following the work of Brian Steely on Instagram. Brian Steely is an American designer, who is widely known for his unique line logos. There are many reasons why I admire his work, the intricacy and symmetry to name but a few. By following a simple line structure and a very minimal colour palette, he is able to create these beautifully decorative logos. I love the Art Deco/1920’s feel it gives.

Brian’s work reinforces that it is not only the graphic that begins unravelling what a company does, but also the style it has been created in. It’s amazing how the combination of a number of lines and a close attention to detail creates these classic logos.

See more of Brian Steely’s work here or follow on Instagram @briansteely

Street photographs by Charlie Kwai

Written by David Neville

A wonderful variety of faces, fashions and colour all photographed in Piccadilly Circus over the course of a year by London-based photographer Charlie Kwai.
It’s amazing how in such a busy location people seem to be so lost in their own worlds.

See more here


Written by Chris Nobbs
Metazz set of 3


I love these reinterpretations of classic heavy rock records, given a makeover in the style of 50s/60s jazz record sleeves. Created by Brazilian designer Rafa Melandi using strong blocks of colour, simple shapes and vintage typography, they resemble Reid Miles’ iconic sleeves for Blue Note, or Alex Steinweiss’ work for Columbia. Rock on!

See the whole set here

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