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Here’s this week’s roundup.

It’s all our blood

Written by Karen Hall

Its All Our Blood poster

Pentagram recently created this poster to advertise the ‘Questioning the Bomb’ exhibition at The Art Gallery in Maryland, USA. The exhibition is dedicated to the 70th anniversary of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945. The exhibition debates historical and current issues with war and the rapid increase of nuclear weapons.

Harry Pearce at Pentagram explains, “The visual idea and the [“It’s All Our Blood”] line came simultaneously. I was looking at ink drops underwater, for a completely different project, and when I turned the picture upside down I saw the mushroom cloud.”

Happy accidents are great when we stumble upon them and this is a good example. A simple idea that clearly depicts the content of the exhibition. Plus, the colour didn’t simply come from food colouring or ink, Harry used his own blood to capture this image. Dedication, right?

For more information on the exhibition click here…

…Or for Pentagram’s creative process on the project click here.


Ace of arts

Written by Chris Nobbs

Playing Arts is a project bringing together the work of 55 leading international designers and illustrators to each create one card in a beautifully eclectic deck of playing cards. With each card featuring a different artist’s individual style, the finished set will showcase a range of digital illustration, photography, hand-drawn art, and typography.

This will be their second edition, following their first set released last year. The new set, now available on pre-order, started to be revealed at the beginning of April, with a new card (and short interview with its creator) being unveiled each day. Click/tap on on our selection of visuals above, or find out more and see all the revealed designs to date here.

The art of Steve Thomas

Written by Teresa Bembrick

World Travel Calendar

The block colours and simple graphics of old travel posters have always appealed to me.

To my delight Steve Thomas creates images in this style while giving it a contemporary feel… like his World Travel calendar.

His Space Travel calendar is visually stunning but also funny – like zip wire tours on an asteroid, skiing on Pluto or air ballooning on Venus.

Space Travel CalendarIf you like these, he’s also created a set of Star Wars travel posters which are beautiful to look at. I like the Imperial Star Destroyer poster which has that slight glamorous carefree feel to it.

See more of his work on his blog here.

Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared

Written by Martin Lovegrove

Beginning in 2011, filmmakers Becky Sloane and Joseph Pelling have been creating a series of viral videos that parody children’s puppet-based television shows.

Each episode is themed around subjects such as Creativity, Time, Love and Technology, and while they start in a very cheery sing-song manner, all take a dark turn along the journey revealing disturbing truths about each subject.

The latest video was launched a couple of months ago, and two more are planned for this year. The first video has had over 25 million views on YouTube.

Watch episode 2 – ‘Time’

Watch episode 3 – ‘Love’

Watch episode 4 – ‘Technology’

The Walk

Written by David Neville

This is a great animated film, made by Art & Graft, about a walk in the Lake District. I love the shapes and colours used in the design of the landscapes. Very evocative.

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