We’re not very
“PR Darling” at CWA.

What we’re interested in is your brand’s story and how to express it to your audience in the clearest way possible.

To do this we connect strategic thinking with an eye for a good story to craft effective communication that alters your audience’s (both external and/or internal) opinion and behaviour towards your brand

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We don’t think much of channels either.

We prefer to explore all of the possible ways in which your brand’s story can create a conversation with your customer or your employees.

Whether it’s through social media, internal newsletters, employee presentations or via our credible links with key industry and consumer press and media, we ensure your message and your brand’s voice are heard.

Gone are the days when brands spoke to their silent audience.

Now, customers and employees like to make their voice heard.

We think this is great as it allows brands to enter into dialogues with their audience. And you know what? When people are engaged, they are more likely to change their behaviour.

So whether it’s a photo shared on Facebook, a press release that is picked up by a trade magazine or a better informed employee, we like to achieve results

Talking Back

So how do we measure how we’re doing?

In terms of external communication we think measuring sentiment (the ley message) and your brand’s share of voice are a good start. When it comes to internal communication success can only truly be measured by employee engagement and awareness – both of which can be assessed accurately through the use of analytics and surveys.

Gone are the days (if they ever truly existed in the first place) where the use of a brand name meant success. We appreciate that the reputation of your brand, strategic messaging, your wanted position and the support of marketing objectives are at the heart of communication. The ‘message’ rather than simple quantity is key and your message sits at the starting point of everything we do.

Our links with reputable cutting agencies and competency with online metric tools enable us to measure performance, tweak and measure again to ensure we’re delivering on your investment.

So in a classic PR move we’d now like to show you what our clients think about our service…

I just want to take the opportunity to thank you all for a great project, for an amazing team work and the honor to create and deliver such a successful event together with you.

Lucia S

Myself and my colleague Paul would also like to thank you and your team for the very warm welcome and support that was extended to us yesterday. Paul and myself have done many dealer open days over the years and I must say that the event has to be the most we’ll organised and attended open days I’ve been involved with.

Jannine B

Perfect plan. I really appreciated the time spent yesterday – your team is extremely professional and customer focused. Kudos to each of you for your commitment to assisting me with our end result.

Cheryl F

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