SDLG Products and Development

The Challenge

SDLG is a relatively new entrant into the Western construction market. To help their dealers make inroads into the African market, they needed an online resource that could act as a resource in the sales process.

They required a custom solution that allows the quick and effective deployment of multiple websites with minimal coding. The solution must share one code base but the permission based admin will operate under a single and secure login area. Files uploaded to the websites will be managed and controlled under the same login.

The new solution must be aware of file size, speed of download due to the countries utilising and operate an optimised user journey. This is required so that the dealers and users of the website can find products quickly and efficiently.

The target and purpose of the new solution is to drive product awareness and also increase product and parts enquiries.

The Solution

We delivered a flexible and responsive solution which is now future proof. The solution allows the deployment of new websites which all share the same theme. The websites work independently so that each country could have a visually different layout if required. The websites operate under an umbrella or parent control panel. This allows the administrator to effortlessly update and amend the portfolio of websites. This solution has had the desired effect with other countries already talking about having their own website built into the solution.

The responsive nature of the solution also maximises reach by allowing the websites to be viewed on all platforms on the market today.

The client has reported a significant increase in enquiries for both products and parts which is a huge  success.

The Challenge

The SDLG dealer network required a simple solution to centralise product documents and allow dealers to easily communicate between one another. The solution needed to be easy to use, secure and easily maintainable. It also needed to be extendible for future growth and development.

The solution had to be intelligent enough to be able to report upon its users so a tracking requirement was requested.


The Solution

Again, CWA took the requirements. Asked many questions and developed a solution that surpassed the clients expectations. The end result met the objectives but also delivered an intuitive admin solution with various levels of administration. Every action within the portal is logged and tracked. This allows SDLG to build up intelligence of each of its dealers.

The system tracks dealers logging in and when they last logged in. It also tracks the files they download. The dashboard of the portal is dynamic and displays the latest uploaded file but also which files have been accessed and download the most. Administrators see a whole lot more but we wouldn’t want to give too much away on here. The latest development in the portal has integrated Flickr. This allows the portal to share imagery with the dealers.

Future developments will see a social network for the dealers only. This will help with the continued wish for communication and sharing product information across the company.

It’s early days at the moment, but the feedback from SDLG users at the moment is that is easy to use and is already making a difference to their interactions with customers



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