Many organisations from one man bands to local authorities and Fortune 500 companies utilize social media in order to interact with their customers, many also invest in advertising in one form and another to help create leads and grow their business but are they missing a few tricks? Facebook offers many different tools in order for you to grow your audience but many companies fail to utilize these and instead throw money needlessly down the drain.

Below are 5 tips to optimizing your Facebook Campaigns

1. Make it relevant

Using quality ad creative that speaks to your audience is essential. If your advert does not relate to your audience then they simply won’t engage and you’ll have wasted a valuable ad impression.

By looking at your audience and adjusting your creative around that, you can easily cut costs and improve conversion. Using specific events, achievements or goals are also fantastic ways to engage people.

2. Get to the right audience

You know the type of person that buys your product, using targeting you can select this group and avoid needlessly spending money on those that will ultimately not buy your products/services. Whether its age, gender or even interests Facebook has you covered.

Further if someone visits your website or subscribes to your newsletter you can be reasonably sure they have some interest in your product even if they haven’t bought it…. Yet. By using Facebook’s custom audience tool you can target adverts at those who have already shown an interest in your product previously.

If you already have a significant fan base Facebook will even analyse your audience and allow you to target people that act/behave like your current fans. We’ve found this will often achieve the best results in terms of cost per likes.

3. Iterate over variations

As with many things digital the smallest changes can have large consequences (both good and bad), changes to your audiences, copy and imagery can all reduce your cost per lead. Using formal language? try switching to informal! What about changing the image or the placement?

4. Change it up

Even if you do hit the mark where you decide your cost per lead is acceptable, you will find that it creeps back up as your audience becomes ‘ad blind’ (they don’t even notice the ad) after being exposed to the ad so many times.

By making a sweeping change to your ad, you will get people once again noticing your ad but don’t forget to carry on making slight changes to your ad.

5. Don't throw money at it

Facebook Ads use a bidding algorithm to ensure that the highest bidder gets the ad but there is a side to Facebook that is aware that everyone has a budget and it’s in Facebook’s interest to ensure that every advertisers budget is exhausted.

If you increase your budget don’t be surprised if your cost per lead increases. The key is finding the correct balance.

At CWA we believe in measuring our results, by following the above tips we were able to take a campaign that was running as high as £0.63p per lead to £0.04p a whopping saving of 94% (and better than 99% of Facebook Ads).

Why not contact us and see what we can do for your campaign?


John works in CWA’s rapidly expanding Digital Department, as a developer he has received a number of national awards and been finalist in BikeBiz’s best use of social media award.
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