Whether you want to launch a product, hold a management conference or just have a party that celebrates your company’s success, we can manage your event from “start to finish”.


So how do we do it?

We have multi-disciplinary teams that work with you in a methodical and diligent way to create an experience that your audience will remember.

At the start of the project our Account Team will work with you to develop the brief so that we have a complete picture about what you want to achieve.

The Account Team then collaborates with the Creative Thinkers and Producers in the agency to create a concept that delivers on your brief in an unexpected way.

As part of this process we may perform a reconnaissance of the venue, create floor-plans and 3D visuals of the event. We then discuss our concept with you, face-to-face if possible, to understand your thoughts and feelings and develop it further.

Once you’re happy…

…with the concept our Logistic Gurus leap into action to begin organising the venue, entertainment, catering, travel and accommodation for your guests. We keep you updated every step of the way to ensure that you are in the know throughout.

Now comes the juicy part… the creative content.

Our Creative Thinkers begin to transform the concept into a living and breathing event.

Designers create backdrops, logos and supporting graphics.

Copywriters write content for your speeches and presentations.

Video producers plan, film and edit video content.

Web developers create innovative digital solutions to boost engagement with your audience, such as apps, interactive presentations and other digital media.

Finally, our Producers put it all together in a cogent and cohesive running order to keep energy levels high and your guests stimulated.

By now we’re good to go!

But before the guests arrive our Event Producers rehearse every element of the event to ensure everything is as it should be.

We test technical equipment, rehearse key acts and speakers and make sure everyone knows their role to ensure the event is flawless.

Now it’s show time!

The guests have arrived, guided by our Logistic Gurus. The event is underway, show-called by our Event Producers. Your speakers are amplified by our excellent technical support. (Our Video Producers work in the background, capturing every moment, every reaction, every experience.)

The event finishes… Your guests leave motivated, energised and with an experience they will never forget.


Phew… it’s all over.

(Well, not quite.)

We like to measure the success of the event by asking our honest critics: the guest themselves. We ask them to rate the event on everything from the entertainment to the accommodation to their overall experience. We then take these results to measure the success of the event.

So how does our total event management service measure up?

Read these testimonials and make up your own mind:

Just a quick note to thank everyone for the fantastic trip to Gothenburg. I appreciate how much time and effort that must be put in to make the whole programme run as well as it did and the resulting trip was therefore one of the best I have been on. A great product coupled with enthusiastic staff and hosts contributed to a memorable couple of days. Thank you.

Rob B

Myself and my colleague Paul would like to thank you and your team for the very warm welcome and support that was extended to us yesterday. Paul and myself have done many dealer open days over the years and I must say that this open day has to be the most well organised and attended open day I’ve been involved with. The layout of the hospitality was absolutely first class and again was complimented by the professionalism of your team. As a supplier we generated many good contacts some old and some new. Also having the opportunity to meet many new faces in the network.

Jannine B

On behalf of all of our customers and the team, can I add a very big thank you to all of your team for what was an exceptional event.

In terms of concrete feedback, we are about to secure 11 orders directly due to interaction and discussion at the event.

Ernest M

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