50 years of breathing life into ideas

Based in a local shoe factory,
CWA have 50 years of putting the heart and sole 😉
into everything we do…

Take a walk down memory lane.

1965 – 1975

Leicester-based entrepreneurs, Chris Whitmore and Pete Gwillim, founded creative agency Whitmore Gwillim back in 1965.

Lex Wilkinson Transport, better known today under the banner of FedEx, became one of the company’s first clients. The two companies have maintained a strong professional relationship right up to the present day.

1975 – 1985

Chris, along with his new partner Richard Cuthbertson, rebranded the company as CWA – Chris Whitmore Associates.

This period saw the company’s creation and development of the events side of the business.

It all started in the early 80’s with the FH12 truck launch for Volvo in Eriksburg, which was swiftly followed by the SAAB A340 Aircraft, an event that was attended by none other than the King of Sweden! It was these events that set the precedent for this side of the business for years to come.

1985 – 1995

1986 gave CWA their first opportunity to officially break North America. Events for Volvo in both the USA and Canada gave the company a truly global reach which was reflected in the projects that were to follow.

The continued success of all sectors of the business meant CWA were required to expand the workforce to cope with the interest in their work.

In the early 90’s came another highlight, this time the Paris Air Show on behalf of Saab. The team created a stand including a scale model typhoon jet, which wowed the crowds and perfectly encapsulated CWA’s combination of concept creation and flawless execution.

1995 – 2005

In 1997, Chris Whitmore retired from the business he loved after 32 years, and leaves fellow director Roger Goodyear to take over the day to day running of CWA.

2002 sees another ownership change, as director Patrick Veasey took the reins. Setting his sights on international expansion, CWA successfully wins clients in China and Europe as they continued to differentiate themselves through their creative and client-focused multi-disciplinary teams.

It was one of these teams that managed to take CWA to the next level of creation, planning and execution; they embarked on a project to design and build an entirely new customer centre on behalf of Volvo/SDLG in Linyi, China.


2005 – 2015

Since 2005 CWA have continued to expand internationally, giving a local service with international expertise across the globe.

This decade saw three new directors take the reigns – Carl, Zoe and Nicola – who are developing CWA into a technology driven, through-the-line business. New services such as digital and PR have been added to CWA’s core creative disciplines, giving an impressive portfolio which includes global companies such as Volvo Group Trucks, FedEx, Dongfeng Trucks and Glaxo Smith Kline to name but a few.

50 years on, the fresh and innovative approach continues to keep clients coming back for more. If the past half century is anything to go by, the future is bright for CWA; It’s a company with local service but global knowledge.

Be part of our next 50 years.

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