Recent weeks have seen CWA supporting clients around the world. “Be it China, Morocco, Qatar or Japan, we have been out and about in the past few weeks”, said PR & Communication Consultant Steve Skinner. Who himself is just back from Doha where he met several customers of one of CWA’s long-term clients. “Putting our feet on the ground and bringing our expertise to local markets is so important for our international clients”, he continues. “By getting it right locally, we change mindsets and influence globally.”

As we knock on the door of December, the travels are far from over for CWA. “The end of the fourth quarter is always an important period for our clients so we will be on standby over the coming weeks to help ensure 2014 delivers and that 2015 becomes a high-flyer for our clients!”

See you in your local “you’ve arrived” lounge soon!


When it comes to communication and PR on the world stage Steve brings a wealth of experience. Corporate, market and strategic communication are in his very DNA. And for that added twist, he spent many years racing cars, so he brings a high-speed competitive edge too!
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