All great design needs to start somewhere and a good starting point is a “solid concept”.


Getting started

Great design can develop your brand, lend impact to your advertising; make your digital media more user-friendly, as well as invigorate your brochures, presentations and point-of-sale material.

But all great design needs to start somewhere and we believe that a good starting point is a solid concept.

The concept is the idea from which the design grows. Sometimes it’s purely visual. Or it starts as a line of copy. Often, it’s a combination of the two: dynamically playing-off each other.

However it forms, a concept needs to be impressive and memorable enough to provoke a reaction in the target audience.

Once we have our concept, we like to present it to you in the simplest manner possible.

This allows the concept to shine through and ensures that you see the idea, not the glamour of a computer generated image.

So sometimes we’ll show you a good old fashioned pencil sketch to express the RAW essence of our design.

Once you’re happy with the concept we then get to work on the artwork.

We can commission professional photography if required, scour industry image libraries for the right image, retouch it or create one from scratch.

And we pay as much attention to typography as we do to the imagery to ensure that the whole design delivers the desired creative payload.


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We do all this and we do it on time and on budget to achieve the results that you want.

But don’t take our word for it, take theirs:

I really appreciated the time spent yesterday – your team is extremely professional and customer focused. Kudos to each of you for your commitment to assisting me with our end result.

Cheryl F

I’d like to pass all the nice compliments we have received about the brochure you worked on.  Our new colleagues wrote to us saying it’s ‘exceptionally well done’, the production and design are professional.

Tiffany C

Wow! That I think summarises a most incredible event. The new vehicle looks amazing, I wasn’t able to get close on the night but the video’s and data given on the night certainly whet the appetite and I look forward to finding out more.

Tim S

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