In todays technology-driven workplace, it’s hard to imagine a time when business was done without a computer.

In particular within the design industry, the Apple Macintosh revolutionised the way that designers brought their ideas to life, and through constant software updates the possibilities grow more and more each year.
But a recent discovery in the CWA studio acted as a helpful reminder of our core approach:

“We think of clever ideas of how you can communicate with people inside and outside your business.”

We think.

Not the computer.

The aforementioned discovery was a piece of self-promotional material produced in the early 1970′s showcasing our Graphic Design and Event skills.

Looking at the Designer working hard at his drawing board seems unimaginable in a current studio setup, but don’t forget that like then, todays creative solutions begin in the minds of our experienced team, followed by the pen and paper before even moving to the Mac.

This approach has delivered the best bespoke solutions for our clients for over 45 years, and will continue to do so, no matter how streamlined the computers and software become.

Thankfully the fashions have changed though.

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