A lone trucker, taking each bend on a high alpine road with ease, looking happily out of his window. This is a familiar image used time and again by the trucking industry to promote the new features of their beloved vehicles.

But how about a hamster operating a steering wheel? A technician with his head in the sand? Or the President of Volvo Trucks standing on an FMX suspended from a crane in the port of Gothenburg?

Volvo Trucks’ short and snappy videos often use unusual situations or actors to promote their new truck range in an unexpected way. YouTube viewing figures indicate that they’ve proved a big hit within trucking circles but also beyond Volvo Trucks’ traditional audience.

Their latest video features a red truck driving through a Spanish town being chased by bulls – a take on the notorious “bull run”. Apart from the action, what really differentiates this production is the control it offers to the audience. You can take a bird’s-eye view of the action or get so close to the bull’s that you can feel the steam from their nostrils.

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